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Unique Pricing
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This is a very unique agreement for our customers.

This is our most popular agreement.  It is not standard in the building industry.

In fact I have never heard of another contractor using one like it.

It is a substantial savings to the client.  It also gives you peace of mind and control.

 This agreement is a cost-plus contract in which you see all the invoices!
Nothing is hidden from you. We show you every invoice that we have paid to our vendors.

We give you a price range before we begin.  We work together to try stay within that range, but you have more control over where the money is spent.

You receive a monthly bill from us for work completed. This bill breakdowns the cost for the month.  Attached to this bill are all the invoices from our vendors for that particular month. These invoices support the billed amounts. We do not hide our costs.  They are sent to you each month. Every item we bill out to you is supported by an invoice or a receipt.

This gives you full knowledge of the cost as you go through the building process.

We add 15% to the invoiced amount for our overhead and profit.

This is less than the going rate for a general contractor.

We are able to do this in part because our overhead is low.

We want to do this because it is so comfortable for our clients and for us.

We have nothing to hide and you have control.

We guarantee that you will know all OUR COSTS for your home.

We guarantee that you will know exactly what we received from you for our services.