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About Us

Why Do We Enjoy Building Fine Homes? 

Our business gives us great enjoyment and satisfaction because we get the opportunity to create homes for our clients that are built just the way they want them.

We always understand that we work for you.  We know that it’s of utmost importance to keep the communication lines open between us.  We listen carefully to you and to your needs and wants.  When we have good rapport with our clients,  the project goes smoothly and all of us enjoy the process!

Our goal throughout the project is to leave you with all that you wanted and expected… and a bit more.  This leaves us happy and satisfied.


We listen to you and we care about you……

But what do we actually do to make it happen the way you want?

We add many hidden ‘extras’ that are standard for Skandia…extra braces,  extra nails,  screws (instead of nails) on the subfloor, etc.

We pay attention to details all through the project and we go back and take care of anything that is not up to your / our standards.

We use only the best subcontractors and carefully oversee what they do every step of the way…calling them back repeatedly if everything is not done correctly. (Even the good ones make mistakes occasionally.)

We insist on neatness.  We enjoy an orderly environment,  and we believe that it encourages neat work in everyone who is involved in the project.

Speed is not our main goal.  Yes,  we are efficient, but not to the point of sacrificing our high standards.  In the end,  would you be happy?  We do not believe so… and neither would we.  We believe that the end result is what counts.

We build sturdy,  stout homes.  our clients notice the solid feel in their homes.  This is pleasing to them,  and it is also pleasing to us.

As builders,  we face 1000+ critical decisions throughout a project.  We choose to over-build,  over-do and over-protect our clients when something is borderline or in question.